These illustrations are united by their sea theme, though they are all separate pieces of work. I absolutely love the ocean and the creatures in it. I enjoy mashing up different elements, adding humor and an edge to tell a story. A whale tumbles around like a spinning top, making this huge creature seem light as a feather. A kite surfer is hanging onto a giant raven, emphasising the powerful sensation of being out at sea in a storm. A fisherman lovingly examens his oysters. A manta ray glides through the water, a boat structure inside his body to resemble a vessel. A captain slides into the ocean. A penguin scrapes over the ice, revealing a whale’s eye under the surface. A shiny jellyfish swims from the nose of a shark. (Who says jellyfish aren’t actually shark boogers?)

For sale:
* Limited edition ‘Scrape’ art print (A2)

* ‘Sea Lovers Mashup’ postcard set
* ‘Scrape’ art print
* ‘Vessel’ art print
* ‘Slide’ art print
* ‘Storm’ art print

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