What if animals ruled the world? I created the turquoise coloured illustration on World Animal Day: this posse of animals are all endangered species and they have taken over the pool, just like the plants have. The illustration with the kid with eyes wide open in bed is inspired by childhood fears: being afraid that there are monsters underneath the bed. That seems scary, but in this case the monster is just a very content, happily sleeping crocodile named Fred. The third illustration is of a hunter: while he is enjoying a steak, his trophy head mounts on the wall come back to life for some payback time. I’ve added close-ups and details of the illustrations in the slides. These three images were created separately, but they share the story of animals taking over.

For sale:
* Limited edition ‘Pool Posse’ art print (A2)

* ‘Rule’ postcard set
* ‘Pool Posse’ art print
* ‘Fred’ art print

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