During the pandemic we’ve all spent a lot more time at home. The people in this series have found comfort in it, the walls and interior almost embracing them. Spending time in the tub with a beautiful full moon shining through the window, petting your cats while waiting for the coffee to brew, enjoying the heat of the radiator and the sleeping wolf against your skin, enjoying the quiet of the house while the rabbit runs free, feasting on snacks, dreaming of travels or just being glad to get away from the storm on the other side of the door. Sometimes it’s good to be home. Check out the slides for details of the pets.

For sale:
* Limited edition ‘Wolf’ art print (A2)

* ‘Glad to be Home’ postcard set
* ‘Bath’ art print
* ‘Wolf’ art print
* ‘Storm’ art print
* ‘Kitchen’ art print

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