This image shows the elusiveness of the world, the repetition of life and the personal pressure to perform. This space monkey is going around in circles – like a ballerina in a music box. Though in my illustration he’s not in a box, he’s coming out of an anemone, also known as the ‘windflower’. This illustration was commissioned by rockband Jason Waterfalls to accompany their song ‘Circles’. The band invited a total of six artists to interpret a different song of their new album ‘The Great Masquerade’. The brief was simple: take inspiration from the track, use a square format and use mainly black and red. So much freedom! I started by listening to the lyrics, writing down the things that stood out, making a moodboard with personal references, then getting into sketching ideas before deciding on a final concept. This illustration turned out to be a fan favorite. Couldn’t be more excited! What an awesome artistic collaboration.

For sale:
* ‘Circles’ poster
* ‘Circles’ greeting card

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