New life! These illustrations were commissioned to announce the arrival of a baby. They were printed on cards to be sent to family and friends. I’m showing three illustrations with very different briefs in terms of style and story.
1. A classic baby girl is petting a black dog (a much loved pet that the new parents had just lost). The girl is facing the viewer and the dog is symbolically facing away; an illustration representing the start of a new era.
2. Two cuddly owls welcome their fluffy owlet into their rainbow nest. The purple color of the rainbow is pushed up so that it’s closest to the owlet – as it’s the favorite color of the surrogate mother.
3. The painted canvas with the dog looking up conveys the values and dreams that the parents would like to pass on to their child. Just to name a few: on the left there’s a representation of the Týn Church of Prague resembling religion and the baby’s city of birth, on the right the paw prints of his parents who are always there to support him and in the middle there is a joyful, loyal dog who’s creating his own canvas in life.

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