When I saw Billy Porter make his entrance at the Met Gala in 2019: completely covered in gold, wearing wings and being carried in by six – also covered in gold, men, I thought I need to make an illustration of this. Billy’s entrance was inspired by Ancient Egypt. In my piece I was inspired by Art Deco: this style incorporates geometric patterns, symmetry and stylised forms. As you can see in the details, the six men carrying Billy have become bold and simple shapes. I used graphic lines and Art Deco ornaments in the background.

After making this piece, I was inspired to also make an Art Nouveau illustration, which in contrast uses organic shapes. Often flowers are presented in this art style, but I went with food instead. I illustrated a female chef with paella ingredients around her: pepper plants, garlic, cilantro, shrimps and lemons. 

For sale:
* ‘Billy Porter’ art print
* ‘Chef’ art print

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